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Furniture Plans

These full size professional furniture plans are professional blueprints made directly from original drawings and signed by Philip Lowe. They are drawn with the assumption that the user has a good understanding of furniture construction and is able to read a technical drawing. All designs are full size enabling measurements to be taken directly from the detail. Patterns are readily made by stippling through the drawing onto a piece of pattern material.

Each set of plans includes a stock list detailing all furniture parts with both rough and finished dimensions The rough list is used to calculate how much lumber is necessary in making each part and determining the overall amount of wood that will be purchased. The finish list gives the dimensions of the parts in their finished state, taking into account any length or width that may be part of a joint. The wood column lists the primary and secondary woods used. A comments column notes any special consideration to be made in the construction of a piece. Hardware is listed by the number and the catalog from which it was bought. It is good practice to buy your hardware first. It is easier to modify the wooden parts to conform to the hardware than to find or make hardware to fit the wood.

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