Advanced Joinery

Advanced Joinery

Advanced Joinery

Dec. 9 & 10, 1017 Saturday & Sunday 9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM

Instructor: John Cameron

Tuition: $350.00 

Level Intermediate

Furniture requires a wide range of joinery skills.  Most people learn basic dovetail and mortise and tenon joints first, but these methods can be extended widening your scope as a builder and adding to your design possibilities.  Learning to execute these joints with hand tools  & machine tools will not only improve your bench skills, it will help you understand machine tool approaches as well. This class will explore a series of sample joints drawn from traditional English and Asian furniture.  Exercises will include: 

 Slot dovetails, used for drawer dividers

Angled dovetails

Angled mortise & tenons

Mitered mortise & tenons

Curved parts with mortise and tenon joints

As well as the exploration and discussion of many Asian joints

   Each of these exercises will be broken down into a series of simple steps, explaining layout and cutting strategies.  Typical uses for each joint will be explained, along with design considerations, the skills you learn in this class will be helpful with many projects and gives you a chance to explore complex joinery with hand tools and machine tools. Don’t miss this opportunity to spend time with John Cameron, one of the reknowned contemporary furniture makers today.

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