Small Veneered Boxes


Small Veneered boxes

veneered box1

Nov 10 ~ 11 & 12, 2017   9:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM (3 Days Holiday Weekend)

Instructor ~ John Cameron

Tuition ~ $500.00 Plus Materials

Level ~ Beginner / Intermediate

Learn the techniques commonly found in veneer work.  Building a small box will give you a chance to prepare book matched and four way matched veneer panels.  We will also use stringing and banding borders, which we will make in class.  Techniques you will learn include sharpening and using a veneer saw,  joining and taping seams, as well as making and using a scratch stock for straight and curved stringing.  We will glue up parts using both traditional curved cauls and the modern alternative, vacuum bagging.  All of the methods you learn for this project can be adapted to other veneered pieces.  Veneering is a traditional form of embellishment that can add dramatic effects to your work.  This short class will get you started by teaching you many of the typical applications.



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