Full Time Program

Furniture Making 1 “Apprentice Program” Study of Fundamentals

Throughout the Apprentice Program, students are immersed in the study of sound and proper furniture construction. Through a series of practicums, observation, and hands on experiences they will expand their knowledge and expertise further developing their foundation of furniture design and construction.

Students are first introduced to orthographic and isometric drawing techniques of basic wood joint construction. This is followed by the design and drawing of full size furniture layouts. Students begin working in the bench room acquiring rudimentary hand woodworking skills such as the sharpening of tools and the making of simple wood joints. Machinery is then introduced through the construction of a pair of saw horses. This is followed by the construction of two projects: a simple table and a dovetailed tool chest with drawers and secured closure.

As part of the curriculum, the students are required to travel to various lumber yards to purchase lumber for their projects.


Furniture Making 2 “Journeyman Program” Intermediate Furniture Study

The Journeyman Program focusses on intermediate furniture making skills. Projects proposed by the students are approved by the instructor and require a full-size furniture layout and stock list. The photography of each completed piece is a requirement and photo documentation of the piece in progress is strongly encouraged.  Descriptions stating dimensions, woods, finishes and historical precedences are written to accompany work on exhibit at each year’s end. Upon completion, the student will be awarded a “Journeyman Certificate”.


Furniture Making 3 “Mastery Program” Advanced Furniture Study

The Mastery Program is dedicated to advanced furniture making and serves as an introduction to business skill development.  With guidance from the instructor, the program continues in the design and construction of complex tables, casework, beds and chairs of the student’s preference. It is the Institute’s goal that the student be exposed to advanced construction techniques and to the manufacturing of multiples.  In addition, the third year student will learn to modify existing tools, and to create jigs to accomplish production techniques. Because the making of multiple pieces is a true testament to the understanding of the interaction between design and duplication, the design of jigs plays an important part of this year’s body of work.  Simultaneously, students will create a logo, design their business cards, and continue to photograph their work.  Time and cost estimates will be calculated for each project and each student will learn to prepare cost proposals and design presentations. The students will also set up a book keeping company with income and expense accounts and learn the software to write checks, produce invoices, pay bills, receive  payments and make deposits.  Upon completion the student will receive a ‘Mastery Certificate”.